The Art of Vel Capewell

2009 Artist Statement



I am foremost a colorist. I live for the richness of pure color and nuanced tints whether found in nature or manufactured by the unknown. If there is light there is color and I fly to it as the moth to the lamp. Living in the Adirondacks has given me access to the secrets of the ages hidden in the flora and fauna, reflected and refracted through the clear crisp light. My palette has grown as I sit and watch the light change the scene over the course of a day hiding, then revealing colors I never knew existed before. These hues are reproduced to the best of my humble ability in both figurative and abstract forms. 

My current body of work is generated entirely computer, which is a Mac Book Pro. Although historically a studio artist, I found I could generate images very much like those I would generate in the studio, without the elaborate preparations inherent in the painting process.  As I am a fan of the photographer Cindy Sherman because she uses herself exclusively in her art photos, building sets in which to stage her images, I felt that would lend itself perfectly to the new medium I was exploring. Except I take it to the next level by drawing on and enhancing the photos of myself, making them appear to be drawings, paintings or prints, depending on the techniques I have employed during the creative process. The results are quite exciting, reflecting the hours invested in each image.

photo © Lauree Feldman Photography