Vel Capewell
P.O. Box 846
Elizabethtown, NY 12932
Fax: 518-873-2254



Art Resume

1995 Riverfest Art Show, Phila, PA

2002 SUNY Plattsburgh Undergraduate Show, Plattsburgh, NY

2003 SUNY Plattsburgh Undergraduate show, Plattsburgh, NY

2003 NCCCA Juried Art Show, Plattsburgh, NY

2003 LPCA Juried Art Show, Lake Placid, NY

2003 Small Print Juried Show, Michigan State University

2004Small Print Juried Show, Michigan State University

2005 NYS Capital Juried Art show, Albany, NY

2005 Plattsburgh Senior Art exhibition, Plattsburgh, NY

2005 LPCA Juried Art Exhibition, Lake Placid, NY

2005 solo exhibition, Peru, NY

2006 Goddard College Art Exhibition, Plainfield, VT

2007 Goddard College Art Exhibition, Plainfield, VT

2008 The Fence Project, New Russia, NY

2008 Solo Exhibition, The Old Mill Studio, Elizabethtown, NY

2008 Goddard College Art Exhibition, Plainfield VT

2009 Solo Exhibition, Bluseed Studios, Saranac Lake, NY

2009 LPCA Cover Art Show, Lake Placid, NY

2009 Art Guild Juried Art Show, Lake Placid, NY


Work in private collections:

Boca Raton Youth Center. Boca Raton, FL

North Country Cultural Center for the Arts, Plattsburgh, NY

Myers Art Center, Plattsburgh, NY

Peter Flint Studios, NYC, NY

Bouchard & Lledo , Phila., PA


Added Attractions:

Sadly many of us in the arts cannot live by our love of art alone, so we must labor to support our work. Although I have toiled in a variety of jobs the one I found most interesting was that of substance abuse counselor. I have not acquired the requisite license to date but I have developed a program using art as a therapeutic tool, not to be confused with art therapy. Art therapy utilizes psychology as its main method of healing where I use the magic inherent in mark-making or the rhythms of different music genres to reach clients. I have found the arts offer the client who may be reluctant to voice what lay deep inside the opportunity to experience the freedom of expression this modality offers.

I also incorporate some meditative practice in this work as well and find it useful to unlock whatever it is that keeps the artist from finding the path that needs to be explored. My approach is a holistic one, utilizing both conventional and spiritual approaches to solving that which keeps us from fully realizing who we are meant to be.